Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wednesday Eggs

Yesterday's trial with rice prompted me to try something with eggs.  E's lunch had a hard boiled egg as she has liked these in the past.  I also included half a grilled cheese sandwich from the previous night's dinner.  K's lunch had a thin scrambled egg with cheese rollup.  I guess it was more like an omelet.  She also got a handful of carrots as filler.  They both had a cup of goldfish crackers, with grapes hiding underneath, and apple bunnies. 

It seems they both decided they didn't like the eggs. I could tell they tried them, but rejected them.  E ate her grilled cheese and about half of the side items.  K ate her apples, crackers and some of the grapes/carrots.  She also ate the granola bar I threw in as extra.  What I disliked the most was opening the boxes after school.  The egg in both cases had made everything leftover unappealing and disgusting. Usually they can eat some of the leftovers afterschool, but not this time.  Lesson learned. 

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